Warranty claims and repairs

Things go wrong. And when they do, we’ll be there to solve the problem quickly and painlessly.

From time to time, things go wrong.
Things break.
And they need repair.
When you procure your hardware through Optimised we can support you to make warranty claims and with repairs.

Warranty claims

You don’t want to deal with the back and forth administration of a warranty claim. We can make the process quick and painless for you. We know the tech, so we can give the manufacturer the information they need to make a decision on your claim. And, because you’ve purchased the item through us, you can rest assured that we have a more direct line to the supplier to resolve your claim sooner.


When something breaks (depending on the problem) we can help you fix it. Our team of experienced IT professionals can handle most common computer repairs. We’re a 1 stop shop for all your IT needs.

Does your IT provider have a 1 stop shop approach? If not,