Hardware management

The right tools (maintained and repaired for you)

When you need to Hardware

We make it happen Hardware

Choose the right tools for you and your team.
The right hardware isn’t always the most expensive or latest and greatest. When it comes to tech, over-committing can cause you just as many headaches as under-committing.
We’re obsessive about finding the right fit. We research the top products, and buy and test them, before making our suggestions to you.
Get the most out of the lifetime of your hardware.
We don’t just walk in and say ‘chuck what you’ve got – let’s get something new’. We’re always looking for ways for you to get the best value from your products, and monitor their performance to pre-empt any ‘end of life’ tech challenges.
Set and stick to budgets.
If you purchase your hardware through us, we’ll supply it at cost. We’re not here to exhaust your budgets. We pride ourselves on providing you with an honest and sensible approach to hardware procurement.
Reduce call-out and repair fees when things go wrong.
Businesses that partner with Optimised IT for managed IT services get access to all of our services, for one predictable monthly fee. No call out fees. No surprises.
And, if something goes wrong with hardware we’ve supplied, we also handle all your warranty claims and repairs.

There are endless hardware options and configurations.

That’s why we:

Yes, you can go it alone.

If you’re wondering if you can just go out and do the research and selection yourself: yes, you can. You’ve got 2 options,


Spend hours going from store to store, making sense of tech specs and pricing, feeling confused by conflicting advice from different sales people…



you can work with a trusted IT provider.
Why not take the first step?