Hardware reviews


Honesty is our thing. Let us do a detailed assessment of your hardware options so you get the right fit.

You need the right devices to get the job done the way you want.

From work-from-home setups, to display screens, phones, printers, copiers and everything in between, don’t get caught making the wrong investment.

We all need a little advice sometimes.
And we can give you the advice you need to make the right choices for your business.

What to consider when choosing hardware

When we begin to investigate your hardware needs, there are a few things we need to consider.

Lifetime value

What tasks does each device need to handle, and how long should they last? A display screen running from open to close in your reception area has a different job to handle than a screen used for video conferencing in your least-used conference room. We want to make sure you make the best investment for the entire expected life of the device.

Biggest isn’t always best

When it comes to computers, there are so many options for processing speeds, memory, screen resolutions etcetera. In our experience, over-investment is just as common as under-investment. You just need the right tool for the job. Nothing more, nothing less.

Warranty and support

If you purchase your hardware with our help, we’ll be on hand for warranty claims and support. But, many clients choose to take our recommendations and purchase independently. In either case, it’s useful to also compare the warranty of your hardware. No IT system is flawless, and you need to know you’re covered if something goes wrong.

Overall fit

If you’re building a team or rolling out hardware to multiple parts of your office, you need to know that everyone can work to their individual best – but that all the devices still play nice based on your goals. We’ll consider your overall strategy, and suggest hardware that fits. We also do our best to make use of the assets you already have, the reduce costs and risk of change-fatigue.

If you’re considering investing in new hardware, it might be time to get an outside opinion.

Find the right balance between overcapitalising on your investment and being ready for growth and evolution.