Don’t leave yourself open to attacks. Secure your devices with the right antivirus for your needs.

Up-to-date antivirus software is an essential business protection strategy.
Antivirus protects your devices, networks and data from malware and cyber attacks. It assesses the information that’s travelling through networks to your devices, searches for known threats and blocks and removes them.
It can feel a little bit like everyone is out to get you.
And….maybe you’re not wrong.
There is a huge diversity of online threats, and they’re ever evolving.
Antivirus Protection

But I already have antivirus software?

How many times do you delay or dismiss updates because you have pressing work to do?
We manage your antivirus from a central location to make sure it’s always up to date, protecting you against the latest known threats.
It’s also important to check you – and your business – are using the right antivirus for your needs. Different businesses manage different levels of threat. At the same time, different antivirus software use differing amounts of memory and processing capacity on your computer.
We need to ensure the right fit to keep you working.

I’m careful with the links I open and things I download. What more does antivirus do?

Viruses and other malicious software is known as malware. Your antivirus software will regularly scan your devices and networks for malware and other threats.
A computer virus isn’t much different from a regular cold. Once one device has it, it is designed to spread from device to device. They’re designed to give people access to your data and systems. It might crash your system, give people access to your information or allow them to monitor the things you do on your device.

After an audit, upgrading security to the most appropriate levels is usually our first port of call with a new client.

Get the security your business needs.