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Tech that's properly selected, managed and monitored

You probably don’t know exactly what you need. And that’s ok.
In the modern workplace you can be made to feel like you need to be an IT expert as well as everything else you need to do in your day.
Not anymore.
We’ll be there for your questions – big and small – and will choose, deliver and manage solutions that fit your business.
Our work together will always start with an audit so we can uncover
Once your devices and systems are working optimally, we move into management and monitoring. We keep an eye on everything from your security, to when that laptop is going to need to be replaced.
No matter what service you need, we can guarantee you'll get
it services

Fast response times

We’re proactive. Our remote monitoring services mean that we see problems as they come up, and if you need help, you can speak to our real time IT helpdesk (filled with actual experts).
it services

Simple, direct service

Walk away with a clear plan, not a head full of jargon and tech talk. Know what you need to know, then get back to what you do best.
it services

Safe and secure

Have you ever asked, ‘where is the cloud’? Get access to our local data centres. Know that your data is secure, well managed and governed under Australian law.
it services

A plan for the future

Your tech needs to grow with you. You don’t want to invest in something today and need to replace it tomorrow. We do our best to stay – and keep you – ahead of the curve.

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it services

Consulting and IT audits

In an optimised business, tech does more than support the way you do things. Instead, it goes the extra mile, enhancing and empowering culture, systems and processes. We can,

Form the right plan of attack. We’ll assess everything from the mouse on your desk to your security approach.

View IT audit

Find out how to make the right IT investments, in the right order, and optimise your business

View IT strategy

We’ve designed our business so you get all the services you need – on call – under one monthly contract.

View managed IT services

Avoid queues and call centres. Have our qualified technicians solve your problems instead.

View remote IT helpdesk

Security, reliability, access. Get the benefits of cloud storage and the security of a private network.

View private cloud

Connect to and leverage cloud-based apps and manage digital subscriptions, not endless updates.

View high-speed internet connections

Say goodbye to dodgy routers and unstable wifi. Let us help you get a reliable, stable, wireless connection.

View Wifi

Work remotely, accessing all of your teams and files, with a secure Virtual Private Network.

View virtual Private Networks

it services

Networks and storage

You need your network fast and your data secure. We’re an Internet Service Provider who can make sure your network is fast and stable. We also manage secure, purpose-built datacentres, to provide always-on, fast access to your cloud resources. We can
it services

Business telephony and conferencing

Keep your calls and meetings running smoothly with our suite of intelligent telephony, internet, video and conferencing products. We can,

Take your video conferencing tools with you. Work from anywhere with no compromise on quality.

View portable video conferencing

Video conferencing getting you down? Ditch fiddling with cables and get the best AV setup for your biz.

View cameras, screens and microphones

Say hello to internet-based calling, central contact lists, and systems that work across all devices.

View VOIP, PBX and unified phone systems

Ring, ring! Design a system that ensures the right people get the right calls, in the right order.

View phone workflows

Don’t leave yourself open to attacks. Secure your devices with the right antivirus for your needs.

View antivirus

Don’t take the bait. Train your team to keep your networks secure and free from malicious attacks.

View phishing training

Remote monitoring equals proactive security. We watch your IT so we can act early and you can rest easy.

View remote monitoring

Your data – your files – are one of your most important business assets. Keep them safe, with us.

View data protection strategy

it services


Ensure your business – it’s information and the information of your clients and partners – is secure. Let us, advise you on the ideal security set up for your industry and the types of data you hold.
it services

Software management

Great software can help you reduce unnecessary tasks, save time and build a more efficient team. Let us,

Get the right fit. Don’t let mismatched software impact your productivity or add frustration to your day.

View software vendor analysis and assessment

Connect to and leverage cloud-based apps and manage digital subscriptions, not endless updates.

View Saas

Email is an essential tool of business. Let us ensure that yours is secure and reliable.

View email

Bye bye paper. We can help you go paperless or move to a new system with minimal downtime, no disruption.

View migration

Honesty is our thing. Let us do a detailed assessment of your hardware options so you get the right fit.

View hardware reviews

Too big? Too small? Why not ‘just right’? We’re obsessed with helping you get the best devices for you.

View hardware procurement

Things go wrong. And when they do, we’ll be there to solve the problem quickly and painlessly.

View warranty claims and repairs

You need the right systems, and they all need to work together seamlessly. We’ll design them for you.

View infrastructure design

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Hardware management

We believe in proactive, effective, expert IT management. IT is an investment, and we want to make sure you get the highest returns. When you work with us, we will,


We always start with a full audit of your current IT setup – and the trajectory of your business – so that we can design IT solutions that will fit today, and tomorrow.

We’re also flexible. If our services need to evolve as your business does, then we’ll do what’s needed to meet your changing needs. And, once you’re working with us, you’ll have access to all of our services via our support channels. No matter what goes wrong, we’ll be there.

We’re a full service IT firm for a reason. The more we manage, the less you have to worry about.

We believe in good, old fashioned service. That means if you have an immediate problem, we’ll do our best to help you out as soon as we can.

Our process of working with a new client often includes in-the-moment troubleshooting and putting out any spot fires, as we do our in-depth audit and prepare your IT strategy.

It really is the best of both worlds.

We have a sibling company that can assist you with web hosting, development and management. Get in touch and let us know more about your website or project, and we can point you in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on offering old school service.

That means answering the phone, replying to emails and even keeping our fax machine online and ready to receive your message.

You’ll have access to our real time IT helpdesk to answer any pressing questions. Our remote monitoring services keep us ahead of the game and help us pick up on issues before they affect you.

And, because we’re in Brisbane, we can come to you if you need us.