Cameras, screens, and microphones

Video conferencing getting you down?

Ditch fiddling with cables and get the best AV setup for your biz.
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become a standard tool of business. Whether you’re looking to improve your desk-based presentation or build a full video conferencing suite in your office,

we can help.


Get screens that match the style of your office. We’ll help you design the best screen arrangement for your space, to enhance the conferencing experience. Wanting something more elevated?
We can even help you find screens that hide away 
as art, supporting the style and functionality of your space.


Whether you’re ready for your close-up or need to fit in the entire board room, the quality of your video conferencing camera can support (or detract from) your professional image.

Choose the right camera positioning, mounts, and technology and show yourself in your best light.



Be heard clearly.
We can support you to find the best microphone options for board rooms, videoconferencing suites, or your desk or work from home set-up. One voice or many, we’ve got you covered.

Think beyond the computer on your desk.

Make sure your IT strategy covers all the tools you use, in the office and out and about. Contact us to get started on a wholly personalised IT strategy that supports your business.