Software vendor analysis and assessment

Get the right fit

Don’t let mismatched software impact your productivity or add frustration to your day.
The right software doesn’t just make work easier. It makes it fun.
But, it has to be right.
Choosing the right software can unlock productivity you didn’t know you had, improve your customer experience and make life easier for your team.
The wrong software? It can have the opposite effect, frustrating your teams and customers, impacting your productivity and adding expense to your bottom line.

How do you choose the
right software?

Every business has unique needs. The concept of the ‘right’ or ‘best software is entirely subjective, based on those needs.
Ask 5 different business peers what systems they prefer, and you’re likely to get 5 different responses.
When you choose to Optimise your software,
there are a few things we need to do first:

Audit the system you already have​​

We need to know what’s working, what’s not and why? Change for the sake of change can be messy and costly. We want to avoid that risk.

Uncover your

We need to think beyond how you use systems now, and consider what the best-case workflow would look like in your business. With that in mind, we can start to find software to match.

Do the
research ​

Research into software needs to go beyond reading the sales page. We join demos, subscribe and play with new systems day in, day out, so that we can recommend the right solution to you.

Check the

In the modern SaaS environment, you’ll access most software via a subscription per user. Ideal solutions don’t always come at ideal prices. We can help you make a decision that gets the right balance of cost and benefit in your business.

Migrate and integrate:

Before making the final call, we need to consider how you might migrate to a new system, and how that system fits into your bigger IT universe. Systems need to talk to each other, and be relatively easy to move to to reduce down-time for your team.
Talk to us today about making the software analysis and selection process smoother for your business.