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Get the right mix of software for your industry – set up and ready to go.
What is the right software for your business? And we don’t just mean choosing between Word and Google Docs. What’s the right antivirus, CRM or productivity system? What will work well for you (without compromising the performance of your devices)?
We run software assessments to help you choose the right mix, and then set everything up so it’s ready to use – with little to no down time.
Manage your software subscription budgets.
Most businesses now run SaaS based software. Which means a lot of monthly subscriptions, that changed based on your needs and number of staff. As part of an IT audit, we can help you assess where you can streamline your subscriptions or get more from the software you already have. We’ll also stay on top of user management as part of our managed services.
Switch to a new system, without any headaches.
Migrations are our specialty. When it comes to moving to new systems our best advice is: don’t wait. Change only gets harder the longer you put it off.
Whether it’s moving to a new system or just a new device, we can ensure you have a seamless transition.
Get great service – and avoid being put on hold if something goes wrong.
When you partner with Optimised IT in a managed services agreement, we give all of your team access to our remote IT helpdesk. Old school service is one of our core values. We won’t leave you on hold and we won’t let you down.
Know that upgrades, versions and patches are all handled.
As part of our managed services, we centrally manage all software updates and versioning. Don’t leave your systems open to an attack because your antivirus was out of date. We’ll take that worry off your shoulders.
Software Developer

With so many options, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why we:

Great IT isn’t rocket science. It’s having a plan and sticking to it.

We’re the perfect fit for businesses who think the same way. Who are strategic and forward-focussed, and want to make practical, step-by-step decisions to improve. If you,
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