Phone workflows

Ring, ring! Design a system that ensures the right people get the right calls, in the right order.

Wireless Phone
Wireless Phone

Take those phones off hold.

Keep your clients happy and your team focused by making sure the right phones ring in the right order. A carefully planned phone workflow is an excellent, but underrated, customer service tool.
You have the power to reduce wait times, serve more people and keep your team focused on the task at hand. All you need to do is make a plan.

Common phone

Returning calls to reception when the intended recipient doesn't answer within 3 rings

Escalating calls along lines of management when someone doesn't answer

Calling the full team or office when the intended recipient doesn't answer

First, we'll get to know your business and ensure your phone system is working for you.

Then, we’ll make any updates or changes required to get your systems working efficiently.
Finally, we’ll set up your phone workflows so no call goes unanswered.
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