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Store your information somewhere safe
We create a Private Cloud for your business, on one of our secure servers. Get the flexibility of cloud storage with the security of a private network, without having to invest in setting up your own servers, software and security.
Work from multiple locations, and empower your team to do the same
You need your work, data and tools to travel with you – in a secure way. We make sure that your business can work wherever you are. We manage everything you need to make this happen including, high speed internet connections, wifi, Virtual Private Networks, cloud-based (SAAS) software and cloud-based email.
Feel confident that your systems can withstand risk and disaster
How confident are you that you can get your business back up and running, fast, if something goes wrong? Our data protection strategy exists to protect you from human error, hardware malfunctions (including natural disaster impacting your business or our servers) and data breaches.
Know your data backups are happening, without you having to do anything
No IT plan is entirely risk free. We all know that feeling of deleting a file you shouldn’t have. We’ll tailor an automated back-up plan to suit your business, so you always have extra copies of your files across multiple locations. Think of it as your spare key to your business.
Fast internet connection and access to information

We’re an internet service provider. We can provide high speed internet connections, from ADSL to Fibre 400 and Fibre 1000, that help you take advantage of the best technology available in your area.

Choose an IT provider who can scale with you
We’ve built our business to be able to scale with you. We’ll start with an IT audit, where we’ll get to know your plans for growth. We’ll prepare an IT strategy for you that clearly lays out how we plan to meet your needs now, and the steps you’ll need to take as you scale.
Network Storage

IT can be a puzzle.

Let us help you get all the pieces in the right place.
From an initial audit through to deployment and ongoing management, let us focus on IT while you focus on your business.
Network Storage

Are you ready to optimise your IT?

We’re ready to help.
Open the door, and we’ll provide you with an obligation free IT audit. It’s your first step to fully managed and monitored IT. And our first step to helping you grow.