Private cloud

Private Cloud

Security, reliability, access. Get the benefits of cloud storage and the security of a private network.
You don’t have time to worry about server size, performance, and security. Keep your information safe in a server environment suited to your needs.
Our private cloud solution gives you access to the latest cloud-based technology (meaning you can access your files anytime, anywhere) with the security of a private, encrypted environment.

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Will private cloud work for me?

A private cloud server is a great, secure option for businesses of all sizes. Our technology and pricing are scalable and flexible. They’ll move with you.
Plus, all you need to get started is a computer and an internet connection.
If you’re not sure what server solution your business needs, we can help. Aside from the option to have your information held in dedicated, private servers, you can also choose to co-locate your data with other businesses (sharing the same server, but not sharing access to your information). This can be a more cost-effective option.

Whether you're an IT pro

who knows exactly what they want, or a tech novice seeking a fuss-free solution (no jargon please) we can help.
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